Born: March 12, 1993
Blood Type: A

Electronicole is a Japanese technopop artist looking to break into the scene of futuristic dance music. Born and raised in the United States, Electronicole combines her passion for music, Japan, and technology to produce and write her own music and lyrics. She plans to take Japan by storm by mixing the best of Japanese technopop with a look and feel that is uniquely her own.



March 2: Electronicole has her first interview with the Japan Top 10 Podcast


December 14: Electronicole is featured as the Indie Spotlight on the Japan Top 10 Podcast with the track “Muden Na Girl”

October 2: Second indie single “無電なガール” is released

August 5: Moved from the US to Japan


September 23: Live dance performance in New York with the J-Music Ensemble

September 10: Name is changed from 「3・1・ニコル」 to 「Electronicole」

May 5: First indie single, “STAND UP” is released with remastered versions of “STAND UP” and “Bubble”

January 15: Second track “STAND UP” is made public


August 16: First track “Bubble” is made public


September 23: Received the Special Judges Award in the 3rd Perfume Dance Contest -Miseyo, BUDOKAN!